The BAR Network

The B.A.R. Network

A Biblical and Reformed Family of Podcasts

The B.A.R. (Biblical and Reformed) Podcast Network, founded by Dawain Atkinson, is a unique family of podcasts that offers nothing like you’ve seen before but exactly what you’re looking for. Aligned with The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, the network adheres to a set of core principles outlined on the Founders Ministries Website.

Just Thinking
Thankful Homemaker
Truth and Fire
Hearts for the Lost
The BAR Podcast
Women's Hope
The Chasing Truth Podcast
No Lasting City
Sola Cast
Matter Of Theology
Ordinary People With Extraordinary Lives
That Deity Tho Podcast
The Broken Bones Podcast
A Guy, A Bride, & A Bible
Redemption Meditations
Deep Dive Discipleship
All Things Theology
New Age to New Heart
Smiling at the Future
4 Truth Podcast

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Thankful Homemaker

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